To invest in the continuous improvement and expansion of a range of products and services in order to identify and capitalize on trading opportunities in today’s fast paced global marketplace.  



To be a leader in general trades in the GCC region and revolutionize this company to have all the strengths of a large company combined with the leanness and agility of a small company.  We are looking at growing our legacy as the most trusted and ethical trade partner of choice for small and large scale projects and traders.  New Orbit Trading will be known for encouraging new ideas, innovations and sustainable growth.

New Orbit Trading also aims to have the brands it represents to be known for quality by maintaining strict quality control system in places of production.  We aim to provide non-corrosive, defect-free and safe solutions for residential and industrial processes.



New Orbit Trading


New Orbit Trading is a privately owned Qatari trading company.  We are into manufacturing and distribution of residential plumbing products, faucets, shower sets, stainless steel sinks, copper & Teflon products, doors, door handles, sanitary wares and a range of electrical appliances. 

Formerly known as New Orbit Import & Export Alexandria, the company was established in 2010 in Egypt with offices in Egypt, Turkey and Qatar.  Since then, the company has been renamed to New Orbit Trading and has set up the head office in Qatar, as this is a strategic location to serve MENA and South East Asia regions.  Our product range is manufactured in our factories in Turkey. 

Aquaci is one of our flagship brands.  Aquaci offers a range of premium faucets, shower sets, stainless steel sinks and other accessories manufactured according to European standards and highly advanced technology.  We have ensured Aquaci products to be durable to different water pressure and variable environmental conditions, ensuring safety to the users.


New Orbit believes in good design & quality in the products it represents.  We are committed to reinventing ourselves to ensure focused solutions to our valued customers. 

New Orbit Trading believes in not just building the customer base but to retain our valued customers as well.  Quality of service is our top priority.  We achieve this by constant improvement through customer feedback teamed with warm and friendly customer service.  



Click on www.aquaci.com to view our product website.

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Mr.Salem Al Hajri


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